11:30-12:30 : Cha-Cha with Chola with Chola Magnolia – $15

Join Chola Magnolia for an hour of moving, sweating, and dancing it out! Please wear clothing and footwear that you are comfortable moving in.

12:45-1:45 Veil Fans with Jezebel Express – $15

Join world renowned burlesque performer and instructor Jezebel Express for an hour of making the fabric fly! Join in to learn the magic and tease of silk veil fans. There will be a LIMITED amount of fans for student use, if you have fans, please bring them

2:00-3:30 Body Faming with Jet Noir – $20

Using exercises that flex the muscles of all five senses, we will explore what stage confidence looks, sounds, feels, and smells like in order to experience a faming (the opposite of shaming) of the body. Be prepared with something to write with and to write on. A journal would be ideal so that these writings can be saved for later. Bring a blindfold. Please, no deodorants or perfumes of any kind, not even strongly scented soaps/body wash. Most exercises involve working with a classmate, we will make accommodations for introverts.

3:45 -5:00 Choices! Creative Costuming & How To Leave Them Gagging with Aria Delanoche – $20

This lecture-style workshop is designed to help you make more intentional costuming choices & create fierce, gag-worthy burly looks. Presented in the cheeky form of Aria’s Ten Commandments of Costuming, the class covers theoretic approaches to maximizing the effectiveness of a burlesque costume. Students learn about color theory, character refining processes, juxtaposition, and more while guided by an example-rich PowerPoint presentation.

Every choice we make in the creation process, from vision to design to performance, is an opportunity to express our character, emphasize our movement, and present jaw-dropping dazzle. Learn how to guide yourself to smart choices and make your costumes werk for you!” 1 hr lecture covering silhouette, themes, character, materials, musicality, juxtaposition, texture, and more. 15 min of Q&A Please bring pen & paper!


11:30-1:00 Pussy Confidence with Michelle L’amour – $30

Striptease is an inherently sexual art form. Embrace the sexuality of the tease and of the feminine in this class designed to encourage you to dance from your P-U-S-S-Y. Heels are optional and a willingness to learn is encouraged.

1:15-2:15 TWERK AND JERK: Booty Intensive Twerkshop with Jeez Loueez – $15

The class that has everyone ready to pop, wobble, werk, and wine!!! This high-energy choreography intensive is not for the faint of heart. Fusing the sensuality of burlesque with the sharp attitude of hip hop, this class will focus on isolations, footwork, and of course…THE BOOTY! Class begins with a warm up and stretch and moves into a combination of popping your favorite asset. Learn coveted moves such as the Booty Chaser and the Slow Wine! Drop it like it’s hot and pick it back up again! Some dance experience is recommended. Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing in which you can easily move. Booty shorts and knee pads recommended. Bring a water bottle.

2:30-3:30 Floor Fatales with Lily Liqueur – $15

Time to learn all those fancy leg moves, back bends and transitions! In this hour long class we will be working through an entire routine all while never stepping off the floor! Long lines, quick transitions, bruised knees. Expect it all. Please bring ANY heel size you fancy! The bigger the better! Bring knee pads, yoga-type clothing/tight fitting and a free spirit!  

3:45-4:45 Stripper 101: Lap Dancing with Darling Darla James – $15

The evolution and historical intersections of burlesque and the modern strip club are plentiful! Stripping 101: Lap Dancing will focus on fundamentals of giving a lap dance, how to utilize your body and personal strengths to make you feel most comfortable in order to reach your maximum sexy, to engage with your audience, clients and partners and how to sell multiple dances when you’re at work.

All are welcome at Stripper 101 from FSSWs to civilians no matter gender identity or sexual orientation. We do not partake in whorephobia or whorearchy rhetoric. Please wear clothes they can move in, & heels if they make ya feel pretty.