Nashville Blue Law Coverage

Due to Tennessee’s State Blue Laws, all accepted performers are required to meet coverage as dictated by the Alcohol Beverage Commission. Top coverage: pasties and underbra covering from below the areola to the bottom of the breast. Bottom: all genitalia must be covered and the cleave of the buttocks from the top to where the buttocks meet the legs (the vortex). All coverage, top and bottom, must be opaque (not sheer).

There are several creative ways to tackle these coverage issues. Appliques, tape, or a quarter bra and full panties worn under a g-string is acceptable as a simple solution. If you are interested in purchasing coverage, Shan de Leers makes Shandies that cover your vortex, and Evelyn Vinyl also creates Blue Lawless underbras and underwear costuming.

If offered a performance spot, you agree to fully comply with blue laws.

Here are a few photos of acceptable coverage. Feel free to reach out to Freya and Shan if you have questions.

Underbra coverage example
Blue law “vortex” coverage example. Panty made by deLeerious Dressings.
Blue law “vortex” coverage example. Panty by deLeerious Dressings.