Our 2019 Headliners

Headliner: Michelle L’Amour

Photo by Joshua Shultz

Michelle L’amour is one of the hottest performers today, deserving of the title of International Queen of Burlesque.  L’Amour was inducted in the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2005 and ranked in the TOP 5 of Burlesque by 21st Century Burlesque since 2009.

She’s teased audiences around the world and performed in the top burlesque shows like Lucha Va Voom, Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray, The World Busker’s Festival, and Superstars of Burlesque.  In 2010, her world renowned dance company, The Chicago Starlets, won the title of “World’s Best Burlesque Group” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Michelle is known for her popularity onstage, as well as on TV (Semi Finalist for “America’s Got Talent ” – Season One, “Sexual Healing” – Showtime, “In the Bedroom” – OWN, Carson Daly, etc) and in international documentaries (like Tokyo’s “New Burlesque”, Canada’s “What a Booty” and “The Art and Heart of the Tease”, Immodesty Blaize’s “Burlesque Undressed,” and others).

Feature Performer: Chola Magnolia

Image by AB Sesay

This chica sabrosita has been bouncing and swaying onstage for the past eight years. She began her career with Kings and Things, Austin’s Premiere Drag King Troupe, in 2008. A couple years down the road, she ventured off on her own to become a soloist roaming the streets of Austin. Chola currently is a co-producer and cast member of The Midnight Menagerie (a perfomer of color collective), is a co-founder of Curvy Gurl Productions, is a member of Fat Bottom Cabaret, a dancer with the Austin Samba School, and an instructor at The Austin Academy of Burlesque.

She has graced the stages of several fiestas throughout Texas, including the Inaugural Latin Burlesque Festival in Dallas, headlining the South Texas Burlesque Revival in Corpus as well as the Inaugural Queerlesque Festival in Dallas. This buxom beauty was the runner up for audience choice at the 2014 Texas Burlesque Festival and won the title of Biggest Tease at the same fest in 2015, and was 2015’s Queen of San Antonio Burlesque. She is “The Baddest Blossom from the Barrio.”

Headliner: Jet Noir

Image by Don Spiro

The obsidian obscenity here to disrupt your memories Jet Noir can be found performing all around the world (but most frequently near his home in Oakland, CA)!

People often ask him, “how did all this get started?” While working as a nude model in San Diego, Jet Noir was introduced to Dr. Sketchy’s and the world of Burlesque in 2008. Through Dr. Sketchy’s, Jet became friends with the likes of Mynx d’Meanor and Lady Borgia. It wasn’t until March 2010 that Jet found himself on stage in his underwear, painted gold working as a living prop for Mynx during her tribute to the academy awards. Jet has been embraced by the burlesque community ever since. Jet Noir continues to challenge himself with every act. His goal is to create something memorable every time he steps on the stage.

Headliner: Jeez Loueez

Image by MC Newman Photography

Jeez Loueez is an award-winning performer known as The Honey Badger of Burlesque! A lethal combination of drama, hilarity, and killer kinetics, Jeez Loueez is a powerhouse that’s taken stages across the country by storm. Whether donning a mohawk and her patented “Stank Face”, or serving up classic, glamorous striptease, she’s a consummate force that’s become one of the most memorable personalities of modern burlesque. Jeez took home the titles of Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2012, Shimmy Showdown Champion in 2013, and Southern Fried Burlesque Queen in 2014. She’s been voted into the Top 50 Burlesque Industry Figures since 2010 and broke the Top 20 in 2013 and 2014, currently ranked as the #5 burlesque figure in the world. A skilled improviser with impeccable comedic timing, Jeez Loueez also charms as an emcee as seen at Burlesque Hall of Fame and Viva Las Vegas among other notable events.

A lover of all things behind-the-scenes, she’s the creator of Jeezy’s Juke Joint: A Black Burly-Q Revue which travels throughout the midwest in addition to being the only Black burlesque festival in America. She’s been involved in the Show-Me Burlesque Festival in her hometown of St. Louis since its inception in 2010 and currently serves as their Associate Artistic Director and Education Coordinator. Jeez also co-produces LEZ DANCE, a monthly LGBTQ dance party in St. Louis (Voted Best Ladies Night 2015), and The Hot Box, a queer pop-up party in Chicago. In addition to event planning and production, Jeez Loueez works as a dance instructor teaching hundreds of students locally and internationally throughout the year. Her classes and productions have been featured on Autostraddle, Ebony.com, Windy City Live, and the upcoming season 2 premiere of the Netflix Original series ‘Easy.’

Headliner: Miss Jezebel Express

Image by AB Sesay

Jezebel Express is a New York dance and theatre artist known for her quick wit and spectacular shimmy-shaking performances.

She can regularly be found in New York City on top of various bars, but has traveled the world performing (recent stops include Reykjavik and Prague!)

Jezebel is an instructor at the New York School of Burlesque, and she believes that glamour is for EVERYONE. She specializes in teaching choreography/dance storytelling, silk & feather fan dancing, and body confidence workshops. (PS: Your body is fine.)

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